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09 November 2017

Roots by Scar now stocks Oribe

Roots by Scar is a place where you go to have your roots touched up. You’d still go to your regular hair dresser for bigger jobs, hair colour changes, cuts and so on, but if you just need your roots touched up – this is the place for convenience and affordability.

Roots is also aiming to achieve a ‘cruelty-free’ ethos in the salon, whereby the products used are not tested on animals. Slowly, they’re hoping to spread a kinder message to people regarding animals, and our treatment of them.

Roots retail bar, now stocks a range of cruelty-free home care products including Oribe

Roots by Scar plans to roll out nationwide and will be in boutique centers. The first one has opened in Cape Town at the Kloof Lifestyle Centre, on the 1st floor.

While you are at Root by Scar, ask for Oribe by name!